Monday, February 3, 2020

WordPress Online Business Building Guide

Online business building guidance, support and tools to create a solid foundation for your business before diving into the tools and plugin. It will lead you step by step through the entire process. available anywhere.

If you are starting or restarting online business, the single most important advice we can give is to follow the Action Guide. Site Build It! members who follow the Guide have an incredible track record of success.We want you to join them! Start down the right path with Site Build It!

The Action Guide was designed to be the roadmap to online business success for Entrepreneurs. There’s plenty of quality, actionable information here for any monetization model that might interest you.

This roadmap guides you along a proven process known as Content  Traffic  PREsell  Monetize

Content—website pages, Facebook updates, newsletters, tweets, blog comments, Pinterest board descriptions (and more) that create your overall Web presence

Traffic—targeted visitors arriving from a variety of sources (such as search engines, social media, etc.) and devices (computers, laptops, tablets and phones)

PREsell—your visitors read your content and become warmed up about you and your business

Monetize—visitors generate income for you by buying your products or services, clicking on your AdSense ads, generating finder’s fees for you, clicking on affiliate links, paying for a membership subscription, etc.

The list below outlines what you will do to research and build your web-based business according to the proven C  T  P  M principles… but if you already have a business, or if you’re following a different strategy, feel free to skip around, paying particular attention to steps 7-10.

Learn some business basics before you begin. This information will prepare you for everything you do to create a profitable business.

Find the perfect niche for your site. Do this by researching and evaluating up to 3 niches, then picking the one that has the best set of keywords and meets other success factors.

Build your “Site Content Blueprint,” an outline of what you will write about and how all the pages fit together to present your valuable information to site visitors.

Evaluate the monetization potential of the niche you selected. This evaluation includes how many different monetization options you can use, and gives you a sense of how much money your site can earn.

Pick a domain name for your site, then find a host. Install WordPress and the Solo Build It! for WP plugin.

Start building your site. Choose and customize a WordPress theme, install several plugins, then publish your home page, your About and Privacy Policy pages, a Tier 2 content page, and a Tier 3 page.

After you have 10+ content pages published, attract and increase traffic to your site through the search engines, social media, and other methods.

Begin developing and nurturing relationships with your visitors.

Begin examining the data that tells you who your visitors are (male/female, location, age, etc.). It’s important to know who they are so that you can target your content and your monetization options more closely to their needs and desires.

Start offering your main monetization option with Solo Build It! (SBI!) and SBI! for WordPress (SBI! for WP), the most complete Online business building products available anywhere.

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